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Why employ a full time safety person when you can have an entire team of safety specialists?  Let our team be your safety team – with a wealth of specialists in written programs, emergency management, shipping, construction safety, and much more.

This approach has recorded tremendous effect on Clients.  Where one safety manager might have expertise in one or two areas, Our Safety Compliance Management team has experts in multiple areas.  Do you need Personnel to energize your safety committee, advise your HR Department on regulatory recordkeeping, help with an incident investigation, and/or answer specific questions?

Do you need someone to review and make recommendations for contractor safety record submittals? Train your staff to respond to and clean up chemical spills?  We can do that quickly and effectively. We don’t require time to learn the ins and outs of the regulations, specifics of a chemical or how to effectively engage your staff.  Our team knows how to size up people, situations and organizations, and make reasonable, productive determinations to provide you with the highest quality of safety programs.

With Safety Compliance Management in the safety seat, your company will have professional and expert guidance through regulatory requirements, piles of paperwork, and increasing inspections.  We can efficiently put systems into place, filling the gap between the safety program you have now, and the one you want to have.

It’s your job to know how to make your company, organization and jobsite more efficient, effective and productive.  It’s our job to help you do that in the safest and most effective way possible.

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP/I2P2) implementation.
  • Achieving OHSAS 18001 certification.
  • Developing risk assessment/hazard analysis systems.
  • Getting the right part time HSE personnel for your construction sites, Factory, or office (On Land and Sea)
  • Strengthening contractor management programs.
  • Developing safety culture.
  • Project-specific safety management program planning.
  • LET OUR TEAM BE YOUR SAFETY TEAM, CALL US TODAY ON 08096304721 or Support@prime234.com