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CBAP(Certified Business Analysis Professional) /IIBA Training

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Our CCBA® training program is designed to ensure that you pass the CCBA exam on your first attempt. CCBA® is a globally recognized credential offered by IIBA to professionals who pass the CCBA® exam. Based on the BABOK® Guide Version 3. The certification course is a formal recognition of a business analysis practitioner’s expertise. A certification in CCBA® will attest to your expertise and knowledge in the practices and principles of business analysis.
  • By the end of this training, you will:
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills required to pass the CCBA® certification exam
  • Understand Business Analysis Key Concept and Business Analysis Core Concept Model
  • Advanced Knowledge of identifying, defining, assessing and completing various elements of business nalysis tasks.
  • Be able to perform 30 business analysis tasks in 6 knowledge areas.
  • Understand 50 business analysis tools and techniques.

The CCBA® certification training is ideal for business analysts who are keen on taking their skills and expertise to a new level in order to be able to provide optimal solutions for business development. This certification is best suited for:

  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Market/Commodity Analysts
  • Junior Finance Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Start-up Founders
  • Professionals aspiring to be a Business Analyst
  1. Module 1.
    1. Purpose of the BABOK® Guide
    2. What is Business Analysis?
    3. Who is a Business Analyst?
    4. Structure of the BABOK® Guide 3
  2. Module 2.
    Business Analysis Key Concepts
    1. The Business Analysis Core Concept Model™
    2. Key Terms
    3. Requirements Classification Schema
    4. Stakeholders
    5. Requirements and Designs
  3. Module 3.
    Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
    1. Plan Business Analysis Approach
    2. Plan Stakeholder Engagement
    3. Plan Business Analysis Governance
    4. Plan Business Analysis Information Management
    5. Identify Business Analysis Performance Improvements
  4. Module 4.
    Elicitation and Collaboration
    1. Prepare for Elicitation
    2. Conduct Elicitation
    3. Confirm Elicitation Results
    4. Communicate Business Analysis Information
    5. Manage Stakeholder Collaboration
  5. Module 5
    Requirements Life Cycle Management
    1. Trace Requirements
    2. Maintain Requirements
    3. Prioritize Requirements
    4. Assess Requirements Changes
    5. Approve Requirements
  6. Module 6
    Strategy Analysis
    1. Analyze Current State
    2. Define Future State
    3. Assess Risks
    4. Define Change Strategy
  7. Module 7
    Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
    1. Specify and Model Requirements
    2. Verify Requirements
    3. Validate Requirements
    4. Define Requirements Architecture
    5. Define Design Options
    6. Analyze Potential Value and Recommend Solution
  8. Module 8
    Solution Evaluation
    1. Measure Solution Performance
    2. Analyze Performance Measures
    3. Assess Solution Limitations
    4. Assess Enterprise Limitations
    5. Recommend Actions to Increase Solution Value
  9. Module 9
    Chapter 9: Underlying Competencies
    1. Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
    2. Behavioral Characteristics
    3. Business Knowledge
    4. Communication Skills
    5. Interaction Skills
    6. Tools and Technology
Obtain a formal CBAP training from an IIBA Registered Endorsed Education Provider like us.
It’s a two-step process.
  1. You need to submit your application with the application fee (non-refundable). You need to pass the initial screening process for the CCBA® exams.
  2. Once the IIBA® assesses your qualifications for the exam, you should schedule a date for the exam with the official testing agency. You will receive an email with the instructions once your reservation is approved. You can visit http://www.iiba.org/Certification-Recognition/certificationlevels/level2-ccba.aspx for the complete process.
  1. The application fee is $125 USD and is not refundable (i.e. regardless of whether your application is approved or declined).
  2. The exam fee is $325 USD for IIBA members and $450 USD for non-members.
  3. After successful completion of the training, you will be awarded the completion certificate for the course along with the 35 hours PDU certificate embossed with Simplilearn Logo. Please note that the exam fee is not included in the course fee as it is directly paid by you to the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA)® for the application and Examination.
  • Certificate Of Completion
  • Tea Break
  • Extensive Practical Course covering BABOK V3
  • 3-days intensive Classroom training with emphasis on understanding.
  • 21 hours of training as required before you submit your application.
  • What is CCBA® Certifications?
    International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) provides Certified Business Analysis Professional (CCBA®) to the candidates who have successfully completed the examination based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide Version 3).
  • What is the structure of the CCBA® BABOK® 3.0 exams?
    The CCBA® exam 3 hours long and consists of 130 multiple choice quotations. The quotations are scenario based. The exam assesses the candidates’ practical applications of the defined competencies for this level 2 certification in the IIBA® Certification framework.
  • Version 3.0 exam consists of how many questions?
    CCBA® exams consist of 130 multiple choice questions.
  • What is the percentage required to pass the CCBA® exam?
    The IIBA® has not published the percentage yet.
  • After you complete the application how long does it take to get approved?
    IIBA® notifies you that your application is being processed within two weeks of receiving the application. The IIBA® then assesses the application for completeness of the certification requirements. The IIBA® will notify you of the results within 21 days of receiving the application via email.
  • Is it mandatory to have experience in all of the knowledge areas to apply?
    You require 900 or more hours in at least 4 of the 6 core Knowledge Areas to apply for CCBA®certification.
  • How the questions are distributed across the knowledge areas?
    Shown here are the percentages of questions on different knowledge areas in the CCBA® tests.
    • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring is 12%
    • Elicitation and Collaboration is 20%
    • Requirements Life Cycle Management is 18%
    • Strategy Analysis is 12%
    • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition is 32%
    • Solution Evaluation is 6%
  • Is it necessary to complete the required 21 hours of PD?
    21 hours of training is required before you submit your application. However, you do not need to upload the course certificate with your application.
  • Do I need to retake the exams to remain certified?
    You do not need to re-take an exam unless your certification has lapsed. For more information call our course Advisor on 08096304721 or email: training@prime234.com or info@prime234.com